South Carolina is home to an estimated 7,000 DACAmented DREAMers (young immigrants who have lived in the state since they were children). They’ve grown up in our state and attended our primary and secondary schools. They play on our sports teams, attend our community centers, and are part of our community. Every year, hundreds graduate from high school eager to go to college, but because our state either bars them admittance or charges them out-of-state tuition, going to college is nearly impossible. H3404 will allow these lawfully present young people, who have applied for and obtained a federal work permit, the ability to pay in-state tuition, receive merit scholarships, and apply for and obtain licensure in the professions they seek to work in after completing their degrees.


34 for 3404 is a compilation of just 34 stories of the thousands of lives that will be affected by this legislation.

Interested in advocating on behalf of students like those you read about here? You can get involved and find advocacy resources here: 


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